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The Sounds of Music Orchestra

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Sounds of Music Orchestra

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The Sounds is a 100% volunteer organization.  Several of our regular members have been with the band for many years and others only a short while. 

The regular membership consists of personnel who come from many walks of life and have a wide range of musical training.  We have members who are Engineers, Accountants, Managers, Teachers, Fire Fighters, Sales people, Executives, business owners, etc. etc.  Formal musical training ranges from college level to those who have played professionally.

Because people sometimes change jobs, move, quit playing, or for some reason can no longer participate, it is not uncommon to have a few openings every year.

This means; we welcome new musicians who have a level of training to be able to sight read and play consistently at or above what might be considered a college level and who have a desire to regularly rehearse and possibly preform with the band.  New players are considered “substitute” musicians and remain as such until there is an opening created by the loss of a regular member.  We maintain a list of our “sub’s” and in absence of a regular member, those who regularly rehearse with the band may be called upon for performance.

If you play Trumpet, Trombone, Sax, Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar, meet the previous requirements and you are interested in sharing the Big Band experience with the Sounds, please let us hear from you!  Send us a note to the email address at the bottom of our “Home” page or the “Book Us” tab.

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